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There is nothing in the world like the parties in NYC, which rage all night long and leave us in a conflicted state. On one hand, we’re exhausted from having so much fun, but, on the other hand, we never want the dance party NYC hosts to end. We can’t wait to get back! These are the types of NYC party venues we’ve heard about all of our lives; the type we see in movies and on TV. Rest assured, this kind of fun is out there, just waiting for you. If you’re ready to have the time of your life, you need to learn more about an NYC party today.

Guest Lists at NYC Parties

The first thing you must know is that not all the parties NYC has to offer are open to the public. A lot of them come with guest lists, and you have to be on the list to party in NYC. If you’re looking for an exclusive party like that, the exclusivity is nice because it means the place won’t be as packed. Then you need to know someone who is going, or you must be invited yourself. Don’t just show up at New York City parties the way you’d show up at the local bar expecting to get in. Do your research first and find out if you need to be on the list before arriving at the New York party.


Now, for other parties tonight in NYC, you don’t have to be on any guest list at all; we just need to get your tickets in advance. Think of this party in NYC like a New Year’s Eve party; bars and nightclubs in NYC will sell tickets that guarantee that you can get in. They will also let people into the New York parties at the door. Having the ticket allows partygoers to jump the line, and the nightclub may deny people who don’t have tickets if the nightclubs reach capacity. These days, we don’t always need to print off your tickets, as you can just show them to the doorman on your phone.

The Dress Code for a New York Party

One critical point we should know about party places in NYC is that they often come with a dress code. If we show up in shorts, a t-shirt and a pair of sandals, they’re not going to let us in. They want the best venues to have a more sophisticated vibe. Therefore, anyone who goes in has to wear slacks, a dress shirt, and shoes. Now, most dance parties New York hosts are not going to be super strict about this, so we may get into the NY party with jeans and a collared shirt. Just make sure you know if there is a dress code and what it is before you arrive.

Themed Parties

Certain New York parties are going to have a pretty strict dress code, such as theme parties. Think of this kind of New York City party sort of like a Halloween party. Themes can be almost anything at all, though. For example, some nightclubs in NYC will do a black and white party where everything attendees wear must be black or white no matter the style. A new iteration of this that has been gaining popularity lately at the NY parties is the black and silver party. The type of clothes that you wear to the party events in NYC matters less than whether or not they fit the theme. Party NYC Often, the theme parties in New York are thrown by the nightclubs in NYC, going along with the theme of the club itself. For instance, a club known as Lust NY has Lust Thursdays; this is a recurring party in NYC that you can hit up week after week. Over at Motivo, a popular party in New York is the EPIC Fridays party. NYC tonight at Rooftop 48 have Upscale Fridays. This event is a New York party where you have to wear classier clothing, with many of the guys showing up in suits and ties while the women wear evening dresses. It’s still a fun, rowdy party New York City style, but everyone just dresses a bit nicer than they would on a standard Friday.

Sports Parties

Sports are huge in New York, and this is reflected in the types of parties in NYC tonight. Some of these are more obvious, such as the Super Bowl parties that happen all over the city. When the Super Bowl was in New York back in 2013, the whole city was crazy for it, and every New York party paid tribute to it. One of the upcoming NYC parties, though, is called Fight Club, and it’s for the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao boxing match. This event is happening on May 2nd at Milk River (a club in Brooklyn), and there will be many similar events at other NYC party venues in the city.

Celebrity Parties

Finally, if you’re looking for the best NYC parties, you want to hit up the celebrity parties. We can find a party in New York City for just about any situation, from a movie release to an album release to a birthday party. Sometimes, celebrities just want to throw a bash and have some fun. Often, you have to be on the guest list to get in these balls, but not always. When a professional sports team wins, for example, they’ll often go out and party hard at a local bar or club. While the athletes and celebrities may fill the place, they often don’t rent it out entirely, so we can crash these NYC parties tonight and hang out with the stars.

Planning The Night

As we can see, the trick to getting to a great New York party is planning our night. We may need to get on a guest list, buy a ticket, or figure out the dress code. We don’t only want to go out and randomly stumble into a party tonight. NYC bouncers probably won’t let us in. If we plan everything in advance, though, we can find the best parties in NYC tonight and make sure we have the time of our lives.

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