Webster Hall NYC

Webster Hall NYC

A Guide To Webster Hall NYC

Located in Manhattan, Webster Hall is a nightclub and a popular venue for concerts in New York City. It was constructed in 1886, but it was not until 1992 that the hall got its current incarnation from the Ballinger Brothers. Webster Hall is a grand place that can accommodate up to 2,500 people. Very few locations are comparable to this place in terms of size. This vast space is used not just for indie-acts and singing performances by legends but it also doubles up as a nightclub. If you are in the East Village, then you would want to step into this marvelous 40,000 square feet hall and enjoy being in one of the grandest places in the country. You could enroll yourself for one of the theme parties at the NY club which has world famous DJs playing in it.

The Venue

Although you might not be able to attend the costume balls that took place at the Webster Hall NYC in the past prior to its current incarnation, you can most certainly enjoy parties here with Webster Hall dress code. The nightclub is divided into three parts, one in each floor: the Grand Ballroom which can hold up to 1,500 people, the Marlin Room that can hold up to 500 people while the studio at Webster Hall can accommodate 300 individuals. This popular New York City landmark is the place to be because it is popularly known as ‘The Best Stage in New York City’. The venue was first opened by Jerry Brandt for emerging rock acts, but soon after its popularity increased and before long popular artists and bands such as U2, Eric Clapton, Aerosmith, Metallica, Prince, The Pretenders, KISS, and Guns N’ Roses began performing here regularly.

Webster Hall Events

There are plenty of Webster Hall events taking place here. Therefore, it is necessary for those interested to consult a Webster Hall schedule before making plans to visit the venue. Reaching Webster Hall is extremely easy because it is situated in a premier location which has easy public transit. There are plenty of trains that can be boarded in order to reach this hall. For nightclub events, it is important to note that only those above nineteen years of age are permitted to enter while in case of concerts here at Webster Hall, the age restrictions may vary. The good thing about this age limit is that one doesn’t need to wait until 21 in order to enjoy the nightclub! The club opens at 10:00 pm, and admissions are closed at 3:30 am and the club and hour later. Only Government issued photo ID is acceptably for entry. These can be anything from the passport to driving license to state ID, but they must be valid and not expired.

Webster Hall Nightlife

Irrespective of what your taste in music is like, if you are visiting Webster Hall NYC for a night out, then you will surely find something that you like in here because each of the three floors here offer different types of music. If you are on a tight budget, then you can go to the basement which has cheap drinks and entertaining go-go dancers. Since Webster Hall is quite an expensive nightclub, a useful inside knowledge here would be to book the tickets in advance so that you can enjoy a discount of up to 50%! However, remember to carry with you the confirmation number, the print out of the ticket and the photocopy of the credit card using which the ticket was bought. In other words, bring as much information as you can in order to prove that the person who paid for the ticket is you lest you be denied entry.

Webster Hall

All in all, the Webster Hall events are quite large in number. Therefore, irrespective of when you choose to visit it, you can bet that it would be a ball! After all, the hall has a reputation for hosting some of the best musical performances and parties ever since it opened. Webster Hall offers live music, five different dance floors, recognizable DJs from night clubs in New York City or abroad and many more, therefore it is the best place to experience the thrilling nightlife of NYC! As far as Webster Hall events are concerned, the place hosts ’80s flashback dance parties, ladies nights on Thursdays and many more exciting events. What’s more, considering the fact that the nightclub has five different dance floors, there will be plenty of room for you and your group to get down!

Webster Hall Dress Code

If you are visiting Webster Hall, then it is important to observe the Webster Hall dress code because they take it very seriously here. Don’t dress shabbily when visiting this nightclub because you will be denied entrance. Thus, it is necessary to dress to the nines when you are visiting a place like Webster Hall which enforces a strict dress code. This is a good thing because it offers people with the opportunity to dress up and look glamorous while having the time of their lives! Webster Hall is indeed a luxurious nightclub which is worthwhile to visit because it is one of the grandest nightclubs in NYC.

In addition to being a concert venue and a regular nightclub, Webster Hall NYC also accepts reservations for bachelor or bachelorette parties. The parties hosted here are the hottest a NYC club can have because of the grand location, great music and talented DJs. In fact, the nightclub is so appealing that even those who usually shy away from dancing would not be able to resist shaking a leg or dancing the night away at this lovely location. The gothic chandeliers, the spinning stage lights and other hypnotic lights in the nightclubs in NYC make it the perfect place to let your hair down in! With so much on offer, Webster Hall is indeed a destination that you must put on your ‘To Visit’ list when you are in New York City. A night out here in the hall would guarantee lots of ecstatic and lasting memories!

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