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Pacha NYC – What You Need To Know

Pacha is famous around the world, especially in Europe, for their party clubbing franchise. The Pacha nightclubs host world-famous DJs and celebrities, and famous and beautiful people are frequently visiting them. Now the Pacha group is bringing their brand of fun here in the biggest city in the US – New York. The Pacha New York nightclub has four levels where you can party until you drop and many VIP rooms. This nightspot is the only place among all the nightclubs in NYC where you can experience gorgeous ladies dancing in the shower. The Pacha NYC is the main party place when you are in the Big Apple.

A Brief Background of Pacha

The first Pacha nightclub opened in Sitges, Spain in 1967. After six years, Pacha opened another nightclub in the very famous Ibiza in 1973. Since Pacha opened in Ibiza, it has remained as one of their most famous nightclubs. Now they have opened in many countries around the world such as in England, Germany, Russia, Portugal, Austria, Egypt, United States and other parts of Spain. The Pacha brand has over 25 mega clubs, including Pacha NYC and continues to improve and change their ideas in partying throughout the years.

Pacha New York – One of the Best Nightclubs in NYC

The Pacha New York has been adding more life and craziness in the New York nightlife for over nine years now. Pacha NYC opened in 2005, and it has become a popular place for New Yorkers and the best destination for clubbing. The Pacha NYC is one of the largest clubs in all of the nightclubs in NYC since it has four levels with over 30,000 square feet of total space.

The Club

The Pacha NYC club lies in Manhattan near the scenic Hudson River and Hell’s Kitchen. The Pacha New York building has a very industrial façade, which is a stark contrast to what is inside. Each of the four floors of the Pacha NYC club has its distinct design and theme. The Pacha NYC club has four levels that they call the Main Room, Mezzanine, Atrium and the Pachita. This club is large compared to the other New York clubs. The Main Room and the Mezzanine — These two-floor levels have a total capacity of 1,200 people with over 3,500 square feet of dance floor. No other NY club have this large space for a dance floor. The Pacha NY main room has a large stage with a huge video wall surrounding it. There are also drop down projection screens that can liven up the upbeat music of the DJ. The Pacha New York sound system for the DJ and other live acts is an Alpha Dynacord Sound System. You can also hang out in their opulent Pacha NY semi-private banquettes when you want to take a break from the dance floor. 37mm LED video panels surround both the Pacha NY Main Room and the Mezzanine, which delivers a truly one-of-a-kind clubbing experience. The mezzanine area overlooks the Pacha NYC main dance floor, and this is where you can find the VIPs. The Atrium — This Pacha New York room has a total capacity of 550 party goers. This level has multiple lounge areas for you and your friends as well as a full Pacha NY service bar. You can also find the very famous Shower Lounge, which features the Pacha NYC Shower Dancers. This feature is unique among the nightclubs in NYC. Pachita — This is the top and last floor of Pacha NYC. It has a total capacity of 400 people, and many tourists describe it as a very luxurious lounge seating level. Pacha also has a full-service bar with its DJ booth and state-of-the-art DJ sound system just like the other top nightclubs in NYC. This area is also where people can host their parties that separate from the main dance floor area.

The Pacha NYC Event Professionals

Pacha NY provides event planning services for big events such as birthdays, fashion shows, bar/bat mitzvah, holiday parties and so much more. You can make your booking by contacting Pacha NY, and they will handle everything from the decoration to catering. The Pacha New York event professionals have the experience when it comes to the party planning process. Pacha NY delivers party events that are unique and stand out from all the nightclubs in NYC. The Pacha NY Event Professionals can create and develop an exclusive theme for the event. Sometimes, they create “out-of-the-box” ideas that partygoers have never seen in other parties and nightclubs in NYC.

The Pacha NY Resident DJ

Erick Morillo is the part-owner and resident DJ of Pacha NYC. Pacha NY plays house, hip-hop, top 40s and mash-ups, and they constantly feature other world famous DJs. Morillo is a music producer, record label owner, Colombian-American DJ, and the entertainment industry know him for his work in house music. Morillo handles keeping the nightclubs in NYC and the club scene alive and well by hosting his Subliminal Session parties. His parties in Pacha Ibiza are considered legendary, and he made it possible for reviewers to name Pacha as the Best International Club and the Best Ibiza Party. He released his first album in 2004 that features collaboration with Sean “Diddy” Combs. This album included the dance hit Dance I Said. He is set to play in Pacha New York this coming October 11, 2014. This event will surely make your search for the best dance clubs in NYC narrowed.

Celebrate Your Birthday in Pacha NYC

It is very easy to host your birthday party in one of the most famous NYC clubs. You can visit the Pacha NY website and fill up their online form. Pacha NYC offers several birthday packages for your party group. The Pacha NY birthday package starts at $45 per person. There are no other NYC nightlife venues where you can celebrate your birthday in grand style. Only Pacha NYC offers packages that will fit the bill of the best party held in Pacha New York. The Pacha NYC Birthday Guest List for General Admission with Drink Tickets — With this Pacha NYC package, you and your group can have a complimentary front of the line admission through the exclusive Pacha NYC VIP entrance. This  Pacha NY birthday package is an offer that you cannot find in other nightlife in NYC. This Pacha NYC package also comes with a gift bag for the guest of honor, one complimentary champagne bottle, special frozen Margarita discount and a 10 percent discount for Pacha NY merchandise. Each person in your group will be given two drink tickets they can use for wine, beer, and mixed drinks. You have to remember that this Pacha New York package is valid only before 12 am for groups of 5 guests and more. You and your party group should arrive in Pacha NY together. The Pacha NYC Open Bar Package for General Admission — This Pacha New York package allows you to have a complimentary front of the line admission through the VIP entrance. It also offers a 3-hour open bar for you and your guests. Open bar includes wine, beer and a selection of liquors and other non-alcoholic beverages. This type of Pacha New York package, just like the previous one, includes a discount in special frozen Margarita, gift bag and 10% off of Pacha merchandise. This Pacha NYC package is valid for eight guests or more, and everyone must arrive together in Pacha NY between 10pm to 1am sharp. Pacha NYC The Pacha NYC VIP Drink Ticket Table Package — If you get this Pacha New York package, you will have a complimentary admission and one bottle of champagne. You will also have one table in the Pacha NY VIP section that should be an early seating between 10pm and 1:30am. The early seating means that you will have to give up the table at 1:30am when the next reservation arrives, but you can still keep your Pacha NY VIP access. This package is valid for five guests or more. The Pacha NYC VIP Birthday Table Package — When you avail this Pacha NY package, you will have a separate VIP entrance and complimentary admission. Once you arrive, you will have your personal VIP host and waitress. You will be given a complimentary bottle of champagne, Pacha NY signature shots, and All Night VIP access. There is a 10% discount on your total bill at the end of the night. This Pacha New York package is valid for three guests or more which should arrive before 12 am sharp. Other Pacha New York packages that you can avail are the Pacha NYC VIP Bachelor and Bachelorette Table Package, Birthday Guest List for General Admission and the VIP Non-Alcoholic Drink Ticket Table Package. Pacha NYC can help you choose which package is most suitable for your very special day. Consider the number of guests you are bringing and take note of the time when you should arrive at Pacha NY.

The Pacha Group and Pacha Nightclubs

As mentioned earlier, Pacha has many mega clubs scattered all over Europe and other parts of the world. In Spain, they have clubs in Madrid, Bilbao, and Valencia that are comparable to the best NYC nightclubs. One of their best and very famous clubs is in Ibiza where the hardcore and gorgeous Ibiza party people gather and get wild from dusk until dawn.

Pacha Resort

The Pacha Group has expanded their business beyond nightclubs. They have their Pacha Ibiza resort, which is called Destino. This resort is overlooking the Talamanca Bay in Cap Martinet.

Pacha Collection

They are also in the clothing business, which they aptly call the Pacha Collection. They have women and men apparel as well as different accessories all with the 2 Cherry logo. You can visit their website to browse and purchase their products. The Pacha Collection has printed shirts, hoodies, and shorts.

Pacha Restaurant

Within the Pacha Ibiza club, you can find their restaurant. The Pacha restaurant serves the most delicious fusion of Mediterranean and Japanese cuisines throughout the year. After a fun night of partying, you can relax and dine in their restaurant with great food, cold drinks, and terrific cocktails. When you are in Ibiza, this is the best place to dine and meet with your friends and have a perfect and lovely night together with other gorgeous people.

Pacha Music

The Pacha Group is releasing their compilation, and they are also actively producing. They are expanding into the record label industry and taking control of their music. The feat is not impossible  since the top DJs and record producers around the world regularly visit Pacha. The Pacha logo is even widely recognized in the house music scene today.

Pacha Magazine

The Pacha Group has the Pacha magazine. It features almost everything about music, clothing, lifestyle, celebrities, fashion and carefree living. The magazine also has interviews with amazing people like Steve Aoki, George Clinton, and Jean Claude Ades. They publish six issues for one year with a winter issue in December. Readers can have a choice of downloading it in a PDF format or reading it online. The Pacha magazine is also available in Pacha NY and other Pacha nightclubs around the world.

Pacha Sailboat

Since Pacha represents carefree and fun Mediterranean living, it is not farfetched that they have a glamorous schooner, which they call the Pacha67 Sailboat. This venture is the best way to discover the islands around Ibiza. The schooner will show you the most beautiful sceneries of the Mediterranean. When you are in Ibiza, you have to board the Pacha67 Sailboat and experience the sun and sea in this part of the world.

Pacha Logo

The logo of the Pacha Group is the two cherries. This logo represents the club’s free spirited, hip and Mediterranean lifestyle. It is also a reminder to everyone about their own glamorous and hedonistic nights.

Pacha Franchise

The Pacha Group has opened their business for franchise. The business decision is also the reason Pacha has aggressively expanded all over the world. Due to the popularity of the brand, businessmen and club owners are confident to invest in the brand name. The Pacha franchise team continues to guide the upcoming franchises of Pacha and show them how to operate the business and give it a Mediterranean touch. Some of the successful Pacha franchises are Pacha Buenos Aires, Pacha London, Pacha Mallorca, Pacha Munich, Pacha New York, Sweet Pacha Lima and Pacha La Pineda. There are also new franchises of Pacha clubs opening soon in Dubai and Barcelona. If you want to be a part of the Pacha group and be an owner of Pacha nightclubs in NYC or other great cities, you can contact them via email and ask for their franchise details.

Pacha Ibiza

The Pacha brand is very proud of their Ibiza venue because this is where their name got famous, and it is also their biggest nightclub. It has a capacity of over 3,000 with five large rooms. The main room is where they play mostly house and techno music. If you prefer disco type of sound, you can go to their Funky Room. They also have a room where you can just chill out and relax with your friends, and they call this the Roof Terrace. The Global room, which is the first main room when Pacha Ibiza opened in 1973, is where they play mostly hip-hop and R&B music. For a more retro pop sound, you can hang out in their Sweet Pacha room. This nightclub is famous in Ibiza because you can find all types of club music style in one place.

The Pacha NY — Highly Recommended as Your Special Events Place

The Pacha Group and their night clubs in NYC and all over the world are providing the best entertainment for their clients. The Pacha NYC continues to be the best place to party and have fun when you are in New York. If you have an upcoming big party event, you can choose the Pacha NY as your ideal venue. Pacha NY specializes in making special events more memorable to you and your guests. The Pacha New York is a very professional team, and they have a wide list of corporate and private clients that are always satisfied with the quality of their work.

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