Lounges In NYC

Lounges in NYC

In the city that never sleeps, our company makes up a very integral part of the New York nightlife. From supper nightclubs in NYC to hookah bars to dance halls with exclusive VIP rooms, there are a number of lounges in NYC that provide a cozy place to sit, listen to music and enjoy your favorite company and drinks. From the most stylishly decorated hot spot for super expensive cocktails to the saddest of old man bars, there is no denying the healing wonders of communal drinking that lounges in NYC provide. Below are some NYC lounges that are listed according to the borough in which they are located.

Lounges in Manhattan

There are quite a number of lounges in Manhattan in which include the venues as follows:

Santo’s Party House

This is one of the lounges in NYC that has been receiving rave reviews since it opened its doors. In fact, this nightclub has received many awards including “Best New Nightclub” in New York City and awards for its dance floor, lighting, sound system and parties. The Santos Party House is located in downtown Manhattan in the TriBeCa neighborhood and this bi-level entertainment hub has a bar, dance club and concert hall.

40/40 Club

The 40/40 Club is another of the exclusive lounges in Manhattan. It is located on West 25th Street and it is renowned for its sports memorabilia, celebrity patrons and live music. It is jointly owned by Business Mogul Shawn Carter, also known as Jay-Z, and some business partners and its décor is a mixture of memorabilia from the greatest games in the USA.

Taj Restaurant & Lounge

Located in Lower West Manhattan, Taj is rated among the best mixed music venues in New York City. Taj has an authentic New York club feel and its décor is very unique. Its updated lighting and sound systems are a complement to its inviting, comfortable and fashionable design and layout. Our establishment is the ideal environment and setting for any type of party. It has an extremely selective door policy and it is among the top lounges in NYC.

Back Room

One of the more popular lounges in NYC, this reclaimed speakeasy cannot be spotted from the street; instead, there is an alleyway entrance near the Lower Manhattan Toy Company that leads to a set of stairs. The Back Room is lavish and features quite a plush décor, which includes a central chandelier, velvet upholstered chairs, a huge fireplace and bookcases catered to both the day and nightlife in the city of New York. Another interesting feature of the Back Room is that alcohol is served in teacups.

Stone Rose

Stone Rose is located on the 4th floor of the Time Warner Center and instantly became one of the most sought after lounges in NYC when it opened its doors in 2004. It overlooks Central Park, with a lounge area that seats 300. There is also a 100-capacity private room. The décor includes a mixture of glass, wood and leather that complement the other spaces at the Time Warner Center.

The Delancey

The Delancey is a tri-level venue that is located close to the Williamsburg Bridge. It is among the most popular NYC lounges because it offers the Lower East Side crowd a variety of atmospheres. During the summer, the rooftop is very popular, since it is among the most unique lounges in NYC.

Lounges in Brooklyn

Once associated with tough multicultural neighborhoods and hard knocks, lounges in Brooklyn have emerged to be a bona fide part of our operation. There are many hip and happening lounges in Brooklyn, ranging from the quaint to the super exclusive. They include:

Brooklyn Social

A cocktail lounge and bar, Brooklyn Social is located in Carroll Gardens and it pays homage to the history of the neighborhood, while serving a new generation of residents classy drinks. The plain black facade of the bar gives it an atmosphere of understated exclusivity and it has a retro vibe. This venue was previously the home of a members-only social club but in 2004, its doors were opened to the public. In addition to being a full-service bar, three kinds of paninis and several specialty cocktails are on the Brooklyn Social menu.

The Bell House

Converted from a printing press built in the 1920s, the Bell House brings a large performance space to Gowanus. The décor features 2 striking chandeliers dangling from the 25-foot wooden ceilings. We provide our customers entertainment via live music from various bands on performance nights and dialed-down music on the other nights. Our clientele is young, yet pleasantly diverse. Bell House has a low-lit, front bar that is quite swanky, featuring inviting nooks, generous armchairs and candlelit bistro tables. The front bar room serves well-shaken cocktails and 16 beers on tap. The Bell House is a welcome respite for patrons who like to unwind at one of the most laid back lounges in Brooklyn.

Lounges in Queens

There are a number of different lounges in Queens in which our clients can relax and unwind after a hard day’s work. These lounges in NYC also provide the ideal ‘chill spots’ for weekend outings. Below are two lounges that our patrons enjoy for completely different reasons:

Dandana Hookah Lounge

Dandana is a hookah oasis among the most chill lounges in Queens. Located in south Astoria, this lounge has massive windows that are adorned with purple velvet drapes, which separate the sidewalk patio from the lavishly ornamented dining room. Its interior has Egyptian handcrafted brass pots and it is lined with jewel-colored silk topped dark wood benches. The menu items include Caesar salad, falafel and grilled kofta kebab. Although most traditional hookah lounges are alcohol-free zones, Dandana sells pricey cocktails.

Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden

Said to be one of the oldest, if not the oldest, lounges in NYC, Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden offers an Old World charm that is actually old. As a former Slovak and Czech social club, it features European flourishes and remains one of the more popular lounges in Queens for both locals and tourists. The garden is roomy and plays host to intoxicated summer afternoons and its maze-like interior features plenty of antique touches.

Lounges in the Bronx

The Clock Bar

This bar opened in the Spring of 2012 and is located in the the Clock Tower, which is a premiere historic landmark in South Bronx. In an intimate setting, the Clock bar offers an innovative take on New American cuisine. Our service is delivered through simplicity and elegance and that makes it one of the more popular lounges in the Bronx.

Bruckner Bar & Grill

Bruckner Bar & Grill is one of the popular lounges in the Bronx for the artsy types, and there are weekly karaoke nights hosted in the back room. The décor features oxblood walls and dark colored, wide-plank floors, which gives the place a slightly upscale look and when it comes to the quality of their food, our offering is in fact slightly upscale. The menu includes chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks and jalapeño poppers along with grilled-portobello sandwiches and other higher-end offerings. There is also wings, large quantities of nachos and fresh guacamole. The char-grilled burger, which is a patron favorite, sits atop an English muffin and is served with hand-pressed fries. This burger provides a happy medium between quaint and gritty, just like the Bruckner Bar & Grill.

These are just a few of the nightclubs in NYC that are endorsed by our organization and can be found around the city. Lounges in NYC are very popular places to hang out and enjoy good food, good drinks and good company.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding lounges or the Night Clubs in NYC group, we specialize with finding great venues and events for our clients.

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