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Enjoy the NYC Nightlife – Best Night Clubs in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, New York City is one of the most pulsing cities in the world. It looks as vibrant during the night as it does during the day due to its many nightclubs in NYC. There is a life for every type of reveler here. Whether you are looking for a more formal NYC nightlife or a night of vicious dancing and jumping, our company have something for you. You just need to know where to look. The following is a list of some of the nightclubs in NYC that completely rock and are a favorite to the old and the young alike:

Pulse 48

Quite a recent addition to the Banker street, Pulse 48 rocks from the high pumping music beats and a crowd that is not shy to get into action on the dance floor. Pulse 48 is the place to hit if you are looking for an exciting nightlife in Brooklyn. Revelers of all ages converge at Pulse 48 for the special weekend raves and music.


If you are looking for a place with a spacious dancing space as well as drinking bar, SRB is the place to check out. It has two bars and a dancing floor that is positioned between the two bars. The music system is simply awesome, for lack of a better word, and the bouncers and bartenders actually serve you with a genuine smile. If you are also out for some skating fun, SRB allows skaters in the club. There is nowhere else that the NYC nightlife is epitomized more than at the SRB.


Sugarland, which is located in Williamsburg North land, is one of the best nightclubs in NYC to while away the night. The ambience in the club is generally relaxed – folks reveling here are fun to get along with. It is actually one of the last places where you can ever expect a bar brawl to break. Sugarland advertises itself as a gay club in NYC, though on the very good nights, the number of girls in the club almost always equals that of guys.

Bembe Nightclub

If someone asked you to describe Bembe, you would probably be right to say it is the one of the best places where music never stops. Bembe is for all the people out there who want to enjoy the Brooklyn nightlife. With drinks going for as less than $5.00 there is no reason to stop partying in Bembe. If you are into live music, be sure to check into the club on Thursdays. The percussions accompanying the live music will make you feel like you have been translocated into another land altogether.

The Rub

The Rub is actually an event that takes place in Brooklyn night clubs. The Rub delivers exactly what it promises: great dance from the 90’s including hip hop, R&B, Latin and other classics from years gone by. And people actually dance in the Rub! The music transitions from one track to the next seamlessly and you are kept in your groove the whole night.

40/40 Club

The 40/40 Club at Barclays Center in BK is one of the best places to enjoy the best of New York nightlife if you are a sports lover. They serve meals as buffet that consists of cheese selection, ribs, turkey and salmon, giving you the advantage to enjoy the matches on a full stomach.

Jaguars 3

Jaguars 3 is ranked among the best Brooklyn clubs. Although it is probably no match to some of the very premium dance clubs in Manhattan, it does hold its salt when you compare it with other NYC clubs which are at the same level as it. If you are looking for a place where you can binge without feeling guilty that you will shame yourself, you just found Jaguars 3.

Honestly, no one here cares if you drink yourself silly. There is hookah in the club and a smoking zone at the balcony. Plus, its location at Sunset Park is adequately served by cabs.


You have not really savored the NYC nightlife if you have not been to the Output. The club is phenomenal to say the least. The sound system in the club is out of this life and you should get to be blown by some of the funkiest DJ mixes. The dance floor is also spacious, allowing you to grab all the fun you can manage while you are there.

Club Lust

If you are looking for the most luscious Brooklyn nightlife complete with live bands and high-end strippers, Club Lust is the one place you should consider hanging out. The dance floor is spacious and there is a VIP lounge for those willing to pay top dollar and catch all the action going on in the stage. Club Lust is the ultimate Gentlemen’s Brooklyn night club. The models are irresistible and the beer keeps flowing accentuated by the highlife music.

Capri Social Club

Capri is located in Greenpoint and serves the best jukebox music in New York City. We provide our customers an ideal picture of a local that remains popular and refuses to die no matter how bad the economy might become. It is a good place to grab an afternoon beer and socialize with folks while listening to Justin Bieber blaring from the speakers. Like many locals, our company is privately-owned and the patronage is friendly to both existing and new clients alike. If you want to savor the best night clubs in Brooklyn, make sure you do not strike Capri from your list.

From the above few nightclubs in NYC, one thing is clear about us: we are as diverse as we are exciting. Whether you prefer the high market end places, or a den where a luscious chunk of flesh is flashed or probably a good old local bar where you can drink your beer while catching up with the old folks, Brooklyn clubs has something for everyone. You just need to know which life fits you best.

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