Best Clubs In NYC

Best Clubs in NYCSometimes, no matter how much you love working and spending quality time with your loved ones, you need to unwind. There’s no shortage of places if you live in the Big Apple, so you’ll have a great choice of night clubs in NYC to go partying when you just need to cut loose. Here are 10 of the best clubs in NYC for 2014.

10. 40/40 Club

This upscale nightclub offers clients a classy sports bar-style environment to sample some of life’s finer things, especially cigars, sports and libation. 40/40 Club has a very inviting atmosphere, what with its comfortable leather couches, gigantic plasma screens as well as a wide collection of sports memorabilia. Avid sports fans can keep an ear and eye for exclusive events such as personal appearances and signings by the who’s who in the world of sports, including Jose Canseco, Alex Rodriguez and Barry Bonds.

9. Cielo

This nightclub, located in New York City’s Meatpacking district, has something for all. Everyone is welcome to this club and you can expect to meet a wide range of revelers here. Cielo is glittery, loud and serves fantastic drinks, though they’re slightly dear. It has a sunken dance floor right in the middle. Expect a wide range of hip music, and enjoy your night drinking, meeting people and mingling.

8. Lavo

Lavo is a Las Vegas-style nightclub that has celebs, runway models, tourists and locals enjoying the electronic music. Located below the Lavo Restaurant in midtown New York, Lavo nightclub boasts a multi-layered, voyeuristic style of design, making it perfect for both after-dinner and late night revelry.

The intimate, yet lively dance floor has a state-of-the-art DJ booth, where some of our company’s finest DJs strut their stuff. A decadent banquette seating and two full-service bars complete the space.

7. Greenhouse

This is one of the most stunning and eco-friendly night clubs in New York City. The atmosphere and decor make Greenhouse one of the best venues for NYC nightlife. Entering Greenhouse feels like getting into a beautiful, cool forest, where an orchestra of sound and lights plays a sweet melody. Unlike other nightclubs in NYC that try too hard, Greenhouse blends elegance and simplicity.

Greenhouse houses some of the finest DJs playing a variety of sounds that vary and excite the senses. There’s never a dull moment in this club due to its right blend of music unlike the same old songs on the radio.

Our organization attracts an upscale clientele who know how to party. If you’re looking for a glamorous and upscale place in New York City, this is the place. Drinks are available all through the night and you’ll be served by the attentive staff.

6. Amnesia

Amnesia is one of the biggest and hottest nightclubs in NYC. It comes decked out with two balcony-level VIP sections to add to the lower level VIP sections. Amnesia is your one-stop-shop club for great crowds, great music and great drinks. The club is located in the middle of Manhattan on 11th Avenue and 29th Street and its state-of-the-art sound system hosts a lot of celebrities every week. Everyone from Lady Gaga to Kim Kardashian has been spotted hanging out in this spacious nightclub.

5. Santo’s Party House

Located on Lafayette Street, Santo’s Party House is a two-level, 8,000 sq ft nightclub. It’s a club, a concert hall, a bar and a lounge with a great dance floor. So, depending on your mood and the night, Santo’s Party House could be ideal for any night. The two bars sell inexpensive drinks, which is good news in this economy. Unlike other venues of New York nightlife, Santo’s still looks pretty new and clean inside despite having hosted tons of parties before. Our company also has one of the best sound systems in New York.

4. Club Element

Club Element is a chic and stylish upscale club that’s located on the East Houston Street. From its humble origins, it raised the bar for nightlife in NYC after its renovation and restoration. The three-level nightclub features lounge areas, three full-service bars, a huge main area dance floor, an exclusive VIP mezzanine, as well as a lower level known as the Vault.

Element symbolizes New York City-stylish, global, sexy and chic with a rich heritage, making it one of the best nightclubs in NYC. It has an eclectic DJ lineup, which ensures that almost every musical taste is catered for. Our services can be perfect for regular events and special shows, as well as private parties.

3. Webster Hall

With 3721 sq ft (40, 000 sq ft) of space, Webster Hall’s years of success has ensured it’s a classic dance club in New York City. It separates itself from other New York clubs in which it attracts clients from all walks of life. Contact them beforehand to know what some of the world’s finest DJs will be playing on any given night. Webster Hall also features live musical performances. So come right now and party throughout the night like a real New Yorker.

2. 1 OAK

Over the recent years, 1 OAK has been associated with fame and fortune, glamor and luxurious excess. It comes with a tight-door policy so you need to know who is there-or at least act like you know. Drinks are incredibly expensive, but unlike other nightclubs in NYC, 1 Oak has spent big on DJs and stripper poles at the back where drunken patrons have often been seen putting on a few shows. Some of the celebrities known to frequent 1 OAK for its great music and cool ambiance include P Diddy, Jay-Z, Chace Crawford and Leonardo Di Caprio.

1. Marquee

Located on 289 Tenth Avenue, New York City, Marquee was established in 2003. The quintessential spacious ultra lounge, this club has the allure of both a high energy nightspot and an intimate nightclub. It has much of everything, including a stunning architectural design, sophisticated decor and great DJs than most clients could ever imagine. Since it was reopened, Marquee has been frequented so often by jet-set VIPs and celebrities that it has been crowned the best club in the world by New York Post.

Of course, there are dozens of other terrific nightclubs in NYC it’s just difficult to sit still in New York City. Just remember to take care while dancing and drinking at any club. If going out means looking for a perfect nightclub, check out a couple of these ten best clubs in NYC.

25 Responses to Best Clubs In NYC

  1. djjb79 says:

    Webster Hall rocks

  2. Quentin Grace says:

    This is coming from a soon to be New Yorker. Whats the cover for most of
    these and is it hard to get in to some of these?

  3. Rubi Pearllove says:

    For most of them if you’re 21 and up you must be fine. The dress code also
    depends on the kind of event that the club is hosting that night. I would
    suggest checking the club’s website for more information.

  4. Rubi Pearllove says:

    the website?

  5. Rubi Pearllove says:

    good to know

  6. Wesley Kephart says:

    I’m 21 but not all my friends are, what clubs are there for 18+ in New
    York?? Like rap related clubs???

  7. Bill Sims says:


  8. Roanna Lawson says:

    I’m coming to NYC in December, hopefully will get into one of these clubs!
    Are they strict on dress code?x

  9. LtUnreal says:

    they all close at 4am? lame…do any go for 24/7?

  10. dopesince87 says:

    hey im from philly coming to ny for my birthday which is the best club that
    plays hip hop and Raggae??

  11. djjoep100 says:


  12. Julio-Cesar Villanueva says:

    whats a good club to go to with a group of friends that like all types of
    music like hip hop, spanish, reggae, ect.

  13. MegaBmxguy1 says:

    whats the first song name? really need the name of it

  14. Ezequiel Espinal says:

    Marquee and cielo are the only clubs on this list worth going to…Kiss &
    fly doesn’t exist anymore… 1 OAK, LAVO, AVENUE, PHD, PROVOCATEUR,
    better places than the ones you listed. Coming from NYC Club Promoter.

  15. migraine516 says:

    Too bad NYC is dead now.

  16. Sandra Baak Ryan says:

    saturday night live…..wish a nice Weekend…♫☼♪

  17. whatA bastard says:

    Dj Mangoo – Eurodancer.

  18. kenakamrgentlemanypg says:

    You Need an update version of this list cuz half these climbs don’t exist
    no more

  19. kenakamrgentlemanypg says:


  20. George Azerak says:

    Is there a closing hour?

  21. frank peluso says:

    if any of these clubs were to ever play the songs in the video they’d fall
    to last in a minute….

  22. gonavygonavy says:

    The irony is, the old, and rich man wants to be young, the young and
    handsome wants to be rich, but both are sleeping with the same girl.

  23. prodigee411 says:

    40/40 club….really? That place fuckin sucks and this list is horrible.
    Go on yelp or talk to someone with experience about the nightlife scene in
    new york.

  24. Gvelasco1 says:

    I love the old days – Factory was way betta than Pacha, Tunnel Limelight,
    OHM, Palladium and Twilo…I miss Paris on line at Factory seeing who can
    go in or not…

  25. SHA STYLES says:

    need a graphic designer for your club?

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