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Night Clubs in NYC

NYC Clubs

Put on your dancing shoes and check out the famous nightlife in New York City! We are honored to give you an inside scoop on the Manhattan nightlife and how to find the best clubs in NYC. We’ve all heard of Frank Sinatra’s famous saying, calling New York “the city that never sleeps” – and it’s true! With 24-hour public transportation along with nightclubs and lounges that remain open until the AM, the Big Apple most certainly maintains the reputation bestowed upon it.

What are the Dilemmas to the New York Nightlife?

Manhattan is home to many of the world’s most famous nightclubs, bars, music clubs, and lounges. The main issue travelers have when visiting the city is that some of the top nightlife venues aren’t located midtown near the main hotel district. Rather, several of the venues lie downtown in districts such as Chelsea, Greenwich Village, and the Meatpacking District. Hence, most visitors are unable to pinpoint the top clubs and lounges that Manhattan has to offer.

Another problem visitors come across is that many lounges and night clubs in NYC remain in operation for an average of only two years. Therefore, if a visitor has taken advice from someone who has been to Manhattan as to where to go, they would often consider an establishment that is no longer in business or the main attraction it was eight months ago. At some New York City lounges, and especially nightclubs, there can be an entirely different type of music spinning or crowd in attendance on a nightly basis.

What You Need to Know in Order to Live the Nightlife in NYC to the Fullest

City of NY Nightclub Promoters

Although the New York City nightlife scene is very complicated, it is absolutely a worthwhile experience. Looking for hip-hop, jazz, Latin, or gay clubs? NYC has it all. You need to just analyze some options and see which one is most preferable for you and your party. The first choice is nightlife promotional companies. Nightlife in NY City is so complex that most New Yorkers usually outsource their entertainment options to promotional organizations. These organizations hire hundreds of promoters that build lists of clienteles based on their music preferences and genre (i.e. hip hop, house, top 40, and hipster), and forward the list of loyal partygoers to various night clubs in NYC based on the kind of parties that each club hosts. In Manhattan, most social parties travel together to different venues every night. Therefore, if New Yorkers use promotional businesses to assist them with their options, visitors should be locally advised as well. We advise you to coordinate with your night club promoter so he/she can recommend which club best fits your music taste, style, and demographics. The decision you will want to avoid is attending a NYC club where you won’t enjoy the music the DJ is playing or kind of crowd, or, after waiting about an hour on line, the doorman turns you and your party away for not satisfying the type of dress code required at that club. We recommend that you arrive at the nightclub early (typically when doors open at 11 PM) so that your group have a greater chance of admission. Establishing table or VIP reservations, on the other hand, usually assure patrons guarantee entry regardless of the time of their arrival.

Some New Yorkers typically know promoters who may grant them the luxury of showing up fashionably late. Networking with the premier party promoters in the city may afford you and your friends the same or similar treatment. If you’re with a party of more than two or three people, you should suitably think about getting table service. It generally costs $250-$500. Such reservation typically includes at least one (1) bottle of liquor. While this may sound expensive, just about all New York clubs charge a cover which can range from $20-$50. Furthermore, drinks at the bar are normally sold for roughly $20 per drink at a nightclub. Not to mention, table service is the ultimate symbol of status in NYC nightlife. During many occasions at the hottest clubs in NYC, you’ll find supermodels, celebrities, and professional athletes at the VIP areas. When you reserve table service, you’re really reserving status and connection with the crowd and your surroundings. The more you’re willing to pay, the better your quality experience. Discuss with the members in your party whether or not it would be the most optimal and cost-effective to make a table reservation.

City of NY Nightclub Sources

Nightclub source is the next option. In New York City nightlife, even when you coordinate with your concierge to get on the guestlist, there aren’t any guarantees. When you go to NYC nightclubs, even when you’re on the guestlist, if you do not satisfy dress code requirements for that specific party, or have more males than females in the group (these are the most typical reasons for denial of admission), the doorman may not let your group in. It primarily depends on the night of the party and which mood the doorman is in. The best method to increase your chance of entry is to be escorted by a club promoter who knows the doorman. Tourists may not be affiliated with any of such local societal groups. However, there are numerous tour organizations that offer nightclub tours in which allow customers to enter nightclubs in Manhattan as a tour group. While nightspot admissions are forever at the doorman’s discretion, the tour organizations will usually ensure you get in the club if you comply with the dress code for the event and have a valid identification card. You may also apply for instructed, private limousine tours that will give your group additional exclusivity when appearing at the door for VIP entry at the night clubs in NYC. When doing research on nightclub tours, ensure that you contact someone who is informative for advice. Read pertinent online reviews (i.e., to make sure you employ a credible tour company.

New York Nightlife

Considering a wide range of main attractions, lounges, and dance clubs, NYC is filled with choices. These venues vary every single night. You’ll want to consult a club promoter or a local tour business that collaborates with New York City nightclubs to find the appropriate venue for you at a given night. In addition, search for a tour organization that may carry out tours of these sorts of venues. If not, you may select a private guided tour conducted either by limousine, bus, SUV or by foot depending on your budget. The nightlife in New York City is more electrifying and exciting than it has been in years. Check out essential parties, events, new NYC nightclubs and the people behind the after-dark action tonight.

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